Images from my recent Maldives trip have been used on the cover of Narked Diver, the magazine for sport divers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The magazine features an article about Jamie who gets thrown straight at the deep end after joining a 2-week liveaboard in the Northern atolls. In this issue of Narked Diver, you can also read about the discovery of the spreadeagle ray and get new tips on natural buoyancy skills.

I’d like to thank all the participants for making this trip memorable.

Here are a few images.

School of soldierfishes. Maldives.
Manta Ray at Donkalo Reef
Manta Ray at Donkalo Reef
Manta Ray at Donkalo Reef
Longnose hawkfish
2 Clownfish with their closed-up anemone
Pair of white collar butterflyfish (Chaetodon collare)
School of oriental sweetlips
Grey reef shark