Yucatan – April 2014

Whale shark off Cancùn

First underwater images for a while!

We decided to take Thomas on a little adventure. After researching the various possible destinations, we choose Mexico, which offered a good combination of diving and resort facilities.

Also it was great to catch-up with my friend Budgie Burgess, a brilliant guide who made me discover the cenotes around the Riviera Maya quite a few years ago. Budgie & I had fun playing with lights   in Grand Cenote and Calaverde in Tulum.

I also ventured into the big vast Atlantic ocean to see what’s there.

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Make Lika smile again

Can I get you to wear pink tomorrow? Tomorrow is Pink day for Lika – my friend Marisa’s little cousin who lives in South Africa. We’re not asking for money. We’re only asking you to help make her smile again by posting a picture of yourself wearing pink. People all across South Africa and now the UK will be participating in this as Lika has made the local news in her efforts to fight this rare disease.

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Layang Layang

Check-out my trip report from Layang Layang in the April 08 edition of Sport Diver UK.

Not many people know about this Malaysian resort. A tiny speck of land in the South China Sea, north west of the province of Sabah, it is often overshadowed by the more popular Sipadan in the south-east, famous for its big schools of barracuda and jacks, and for the sheer number of resident turtles. Layang Layang Island Resort is surrounded by a shallow lagoon and most dives take place just outside it, often on steep walls or ledges, after a 10-min boat ride.

British Isles album

A British Isles section has been added to the site.

Over the years, I have grown very fond of UK diving which can offer world-class experiences. One of the main comments I hear is that diving in Britain is hard, dark, murky and difficult. Although conditions can sometimes be more challenging, I think green waters have a lot of photographic subjects to offer and that the persevering underwater photographer is often rewarded with images that stand-out from images taken in tropical waters.

The Wildlife Trusts

During the 2007 British Splash-in Championship, The Wildlife Trusts chose 4 images by BSoUP photographers Martha Tressler, Sally Sharrock, Trevor Rees and myself to promote the new Marine Bill Campain.

I fully support the Trusts in this enterprise which aims to designate more areas around the coast as no-take zones.

Dive Red Sea

DIVE RED SEA by my friends Simon Rogerson and John McIntyre has been launched. I’m really excited to see the book out after being asked to provide images for the project. Other photographers involved with the book were Alex Mustard, Charles Hood, Jane Morgan and Malcolm Nobbs.

DIVE RED SEA is now available in France under the title Plongées en mer Rouge