Becky diving the wreck of the USS Liberty in northeastern Bali

We have just returned from a fantastic trip to Tulamben and Menjangan on the Indonesian island of Bali, staying at the Mimpi resorts.

Although the rainy season was not quite over, the trip was very successful and we managed to put together quite a collection of images. This time, it was not all about diving. Chill-out time in the afternoon was spent between our own personal hot spring tub and the spa. I can recommend Balinese massages!

Chilling-out in the natural hot spring bath at Menjangan’s Mimpi resort.

Nous venons de rentrer d’un voyage fantastique à Tulamben et Menjangan sur l’ile indonésienne de Bali. Nous avons logé aux centres Mimpi.

Chilling-out at Mimpi in Tulamben

Bien que la saison des pluies n’était pas terminée, le voyage a été fructueux et nous avons amassé une bonne collection d’images. Mais cette fois, ce n’était pas que pour la plongée. Les après-midis paresseux étaient partagés entre notre propre baignoire thermale au au spa. Je recommande les massages Balinais!

Cardinal fish guarding eggs, Secret Bay
This batfish swam over to us as if to ask for help. In his mouth, a parasite isopod is eating its tongue.
Porcelain crab and anemone
Becky diving the wreck of the USS Liberty in Tulamben.
Bumphead parrotfish and barracuda in Tulamben, northeastern Bali
Monkeys are everywhere !
Hairy squat lobster in its host sponge
Balinese dragon