I just don’t know which one to choose!

For my 40th birthday, quite a few months ago, Becky had arranged a day at Goodwood motor circuit to test drive 3 hot blooded red Italian supercars. Because of our house move, and then winter arriving, I kept postponing the event. However, we could not have picked a better day yesterday.

The first car I sat into was the Ferrari 308 (the Magnum PI one for those of you old enough to remember). This was my childhood dreams’ car and I was so excited to take it out on the track. After 3 laps, I decided I wanted one. Surely, they must be quite affordable by now…

The second car I got to drive was the Ferrari 348. Quite a bit more powerful than the 308, it was also great fun on the track. The clutch and gearbox were very hard and I very much enjoyed the handling. As I was only discovering the track, I was far from putting the car through its paces, but it was a very pleasurable experience. I wanted one too!

Finally, I got to do 3 laps in the Ferrari 355 F1 GTS. No more gear stick, but a paddles and… a lot more power. By then, I was getting a lot more comfortable with the layout of the track, and especially that double apex just before the chicane.  Flooring the throttle, the response was unbelievable and the speedometer needle climbed very fast indeed! And that noise! It was like horsepower symphony! The 355 was such fun to drive that I immediately wanted one too!

So I still can’t decide which one to get! 🙂

Check-out images from the day below, courtesy of Becky, Will Kitts and Ben Tanner Photography

F355 On board video courtesy of Mi images

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