Sulawesi images

After a break of nearly one year, I have tasted tropical water again in March-April 2011 with a trip to North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I spent a week in Lembeh, split between Divers Lodge and Lembeh Cottages, and then headed to Kima Bajo to dive in the Bunaken National Park with Eco Divers.

Chilling-out in the pool at Bunaken
Pair of clownfish in a white anemone. Lembeh. According to local sources, many anemones have been bleached this year because of el Nino.
Porcelain Crab in its host anemone. Lembeh.
Pair of batfish. Lembeh.
Goby on a sponge. Lembeh.
Pygmy seahorse. Lembeh.
Wonderpus. Lembeh
Nudibranch laying eggs. Bunaken.